2022 Points to a be Good Vintage

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Coonawarra experienced another strong vintage in 2022. With stable conditions, high-quality fruit and moderate to good yields we ended slightly below the long-term average for the region.
The vintage start was consistent with whites’ long-term average before moving into Shiraz, finishing with Cabernet in the second half of May.
Coonawarra received close to the long-term average rainfall throughout winter. Overall it was a mild growing season, with no prolonged heat waves or hot days—perfect ripening conditions for Cabernet Sauvignon. October and November were cooler than average before warming up in late November, just in time for flowering, resulting in a very even fruit set. The temperature throughout January was slightly above average before returning to the long-term average throughout February and March.

The Bonney Upwelling commenced in early February, with the Southern Ocean temperature dropping significantly, moderating the afternoon and night temperature across the Limestone Coast.
The ideal flowering conditions and above-average temperature throughout January resulted in all varieties going through veraison quickly. A great sign of a very even year, with minimal variability between bunches and within bunches. Dry conditions continued through summer, and consequently, berries remained small with thick skins.
Coonawarra did receive a couple of rainfall events in mid-Spring, which combined with cooler temperatures, reduced the irrigation needs for the remainder of the season, which was beneficial to general vine health.

These climatic conditions lead to steady increases in maturity levels, allowing winemakers to pick at optimum levels for ripeness and flavour.
Based on the colour and aromas that are coming through in the finished ferments, 2022 points to a good vintage with lovely firm acidity in the whites and good fruit expression and tannins across all reds, which will translate into wines that have good cellaring potential. Cabernet Sauvignon was a standout variety during the 2022 vintage.


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